Mario Games and Platform Games




william and sly


legend of kong

run 2


adventure story

sammy's gamebox



toad trouble


Mr. Vario


the mothership


all that matters

money seize



don't look back

mr runner


robin the archer



tuper mario

acid factory

mario tower coins

unfair mario

classic mario


Mario castle

super mario63

Mario combat


mario level 1

super mario pong


gangster bros

mario ghosthouse

mario adventure 2

mario minigame

mario level 2

mario level 3

rambo mario

rampage mario 

mario strikers 





Mario snow

super mario bounce


 super mario


Mario racing


super mario defense



koopas' revenge



mario mafia land


mario bros

mario forever

super mario world 2

Star catcher 2

super mario world

tough mario


mashi mario

Time Attack

mario lost in sonic land














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